Robin Wright Books

"If ever there was the right book on the right subject for the right readers at the right time, Sacred Rage is it." --Roger Mudd, former NBC and PBS commentator

"Sacred Rage is must reading--and fascinating reading--for all those who want to understand the fanatical violence of the Middle East." --Anthony Lewis, former New York Times foreign affairs columnist

"For Americans trying to understand the campaign of terror, for leaders formulating Middle East policy, for anyone interested in a gripping story of religious fervor, political intrigue and ruthless violence, Robin Wright's book is a must. It reads like a novel. It informs better than any book I have seen on this subject." --Brian Jenkins, terrorism expert, the Rand Corporation

"A real public service, Robin Wright knows her subject and writes about it with style and substance." --Marvin Kalb, former chief diplomatic correspondent, NBC News

"No one has covered the terrorist bombings as Robin Wright does, including the origin and larger political and ethnic context in which they took place...No popular account contributes more to our understanding than "Sacred Rage". --The Houston Chronicle

"Robin Wright manages, against all odds, to get a fix on a phenomenon that is complex, elusive and kaleidoscopic. Most impressive, however, is her ability to assess the situation with a clear eye, an objective attitude and enormous intelligence."
--The Kansas City Star