Robin Wright Books

"Anyone interested in Iran can only rejoice in the riches unearthed. Wright's reporting is comprehensive and meticulous. Her analysis offers an invaluable context for understanding the changes that seem imminent in Iran. An exceptional contribution to the understanding of a mysterious and maligned nation.” --The Washington Post

"Wright succeeds both in presenting a reasoned critique of a climatic 20th-century event and in making us sympathize with a people struggling to grasp the slippery reins of history...She brings considerable experience to the task. Readers of the Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker will be familiar with her insightful dispatches from Iran...Blending interviews, acute observation and informed analysis, Wright explores the changes wrought by two decades of revolution...The mosaic that emerges is convincing, both as an intimate portrait of Iranian society and an interpretation of Iran's experiment with Islamic governance." --The New York Times

"For the past 20 years, Iran and the United States have been locked in a dark vision of each other. The Last Great Revolution helps shatter the stereotype of Iran." --Christiane Amanpour, CNN

"Robin Wright's experience with Iran is unique. She kows Iran's leadership and its revolutionary theoreticians but, more important, she knows the people in the street and in the schools and in the shops and in the villages." --Michael Metrinko, senior American diplomat held hostage in Iran

"A valuable contribution to our understanding of contemporary Iranian society and the possible directions that this very important country may take in the future...Written with clarity and insight." --Senator Richard Lugar, chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

"It fills a major void in America's understanding of Iran and its revolution." --Bruce Laingen, ranking American diplomat held hostage in Iran